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Results archive

2012 Results

Dressage on Sunday 18th November

Dressage on Sunday 21st October

Saturday Dressage on 6th October

Saturday Dressage on 4th August

Combined training on 11th August

Saturday Dressage on 12th June

Saturday Dressage on 12th May

Riding-4-Fun show jumping on 22nd April

Team and individual dressage on 7th April

Riding-4-Fun Dressage Show 
10th March

2011 Results

Saturday dressage on 
8th October and overall Championship results for 2011

Saturday dressage on 
10th September

Combined training on 28th August

Unaffiliated show jumping at Huby & Sutton Show on Sunday 31st July

Saturday dressage on 9th July

Open show jumping on 28th June

Saturday dressage on 18th June and Jorvik Qualifier

Saturday dressage on 7th May

Jumping 4 Fun on Monday 25th April

Team and individual dressage on Sunday 3rd April

Daffodilly dressage on 26th March


Riding-4-Fun dressage on 
7th November

Saturday Series Dressage on Saturday 16th October

Saturday Series Dressage on Saturday 11th September and 2010 points Championships

Open show jumping Tuesday 10th August

Saturday Series Dressage on Saturday 7th August

Saturday Series Dressage on Saturday 3rd July

Members dressage Tuesday 22nd June

Jump-4-Fun Sunday 20th June

Open show jumping Tuesday 15th June

Saturday Series Dressage on Saturday 12th June

Members combined training on Tuesday 25th May

Open Show Jumping on Tuesday 11th May

Saturday Series Dressage on Saturday 8th May

Team and individual dressage on Sunday 11th April

Riding-4-Fun Mini dressage Saturday 27th March

Members Dressage Sunday 24th January

2009 Results

Strictly Dressage Saturday 10th October

Members combined training Sunday 4th October

Members dressage Sunday 20th September
Saturday dressage 12th September and Champions 2009

Dog show 25th August

Members dressage 11th August

Open show jumping 5th August

Saturday dressage 1st August

Members dressage 21st July

Jumping 4 Fun 9th July

Show jumping 7th July

Saturday dressage 4th July

Members dressage and Jorvik qualifier on Tuesday 23rd June

Show jumping 9th June

Saturday dressage 6th June

Members dressage Tuesday 19th May

Show jumping Tuesday 5th May

Saturday dressage 2nd May

Team and individual dressage 19th April

Saturday dressage 4th April

Members dressage Sunday 22nd March

Members dressage Sunday 22nd February

Members dressage Sunday 18th January

2008 Results

Members dressage Sunday 30th November

Marie Curie Cancer Care charity dressage show on 12th October

Saturday dressage, including end of season championships, on 6th September

Dog show on 26th August

Members dressage on 19th August

Saturday dressage on 2nd August

Members dressage on 15th July

Saturday dressage on 5th July

Show jumping on 1st July

Saturday dressage on 7th June

Marie Curie combined training on 21st June 2008 - Results

Members dressage and Jorvik qualifier on 17th June 2008 - Results

Members dressage on 20th May 2008 - Results

Members and open dressage on 3rd May 2008 - Results  

Members and open dressage on 5th April 2008 - Results

Team and individual dressage on 29th March 2008 - Full results and team results

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