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2016-17 Winter Results

Summer Dressage points table 2017 -Copy_Summ_scores_upto_end_July_2017.xlsx

Winter Dressage Results - Winter points table 2016/17

Winter Dressage Results - Winter_Dressage_results_Sunday_5th_March_2017.docx

Winter Dressage Results - Winter_Dress_results_Sun_5th_Feb_2017.docx

Winter Dressage Results - Winter_Dressage_results_Sunday_8th_January_2017.docx

Winter Dressage Results - Winter_Dres_results_Sun_4th_Dec_2016.docx

Winter Dressage Results - 10th January 2016

Winter Dressage Results - 15th November 2015

Winter Dressage Results - 18th October 2015

2015 Results

2015 Summer Dressage series - View Summer points

2015 Summer non members Dressage series - View Summer points

2015 Summer qualifiers for championship - view league table

Summer Dressage results - 12th September 2015

Summer Dressage results - 8th August 2015

Summer Dressage results - 4th July 2015

Summer Dressage results - 6th June 2015

Summer Dressage results - 15th February 2015

Summer Dressage results - 9th May 2015

For older results please go to our results archive 

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