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An individual named Jerry Roselius appears to have cloned our domain name and is sending out spam emails to people demanding payment for an overdue invoice.  This has no connection to the Club, and is an attempt to scam you or spread a virus.  You should delete all emails from this person, and block their address.  Do not open any attachments.  We are attempting to resolve this issue, and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.


Emma Chipchase-Smith. Please contact Emma at emmachipchase@hotmail.com  or call 07702260764 or via our facebook page.

Vice Chairman


Sue Hardman. Please email Sue at suejhardman@gmail.com or call 07989029875


Sue Carter-Ferris email Sue at whitwellhouse@gmail.com  or call 07966960863 or via our facebook page.

 News-letterBarbara Boston. Please contact Barbara at boston354@btinternet.com or call 07704865084 or via our facebook page.

Dressage Teams

Jumping Teams


lorna Paterson.You can contact Lorna at r.l.pat1965@hotmail.com   or on 07562621269 or Via our Facebook page. Download the Membership form here

Dressage events Summer series only


Jumping events

Flatwork lessons

Susie Wildey. Please contact Susie at susie@technologyforgrowth.co.uk or 07974803939 or via our facebook page.

Jumping Lessons

Debbie Lister. Please contact Debbie at debbie.lister@virgin.net or on 07932791989 or via or facebook page.

Welfare and Child Protection

Sue Leighton

Health and Safety

Nicola Stephenson-Barr

Social event organiser

Emma Chipchase-Smith

Committee member

Margaret Hardy

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